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Who Should Attend –

  • Professional staff and managers from workforce, education, human services and other organizations who provide workforce development programs.
  • Those seeking to discover new ways to improve customer engagement and success.

What You’ll Get

The Radar Approach to Job Retention model works like radar providing an early warning system that identifies potential firing and quitting problems before people go to work. Radar is also an early identification system for identifying and building on the retention strengths that each individual brings to the employment process. Radar is a powerful strength-based, prevention-based approach that greatly reduces the risk of job loss before it occurs!

  • Discover why many of the people we serve do not see retention as an important part of working. Get new approaches to helping them see and appreciate the profound and multiple benefits that come from building a work history.
  • Learn how to make every service you provide from orientation on a part of your retention job loss prevention model. Integrate retention into every program component so that it works like radar spotting and addressing the early warning signs of job loss as well as surfacing and enhancing assets to retention!
  • Find out how to do a retention strengths and weaknesses assessment that will reveal the potential of people to stay on the job so you can adjust how much retention support to provide to fit the individual.
  • Get lists of the reasons employers fire people, why people say they quit jobs and the real hidden causes of job loss so you can address all of them and help people increase their length of time at work!
  • Give people tools they can use on the job when they start to think about quitting. These tools provide an immediate and powerful intervention that can slow down the quitting urge and help people rethink their options.
  • Find out how to avoid the most common mistakes people make when they do post-employment follow up so you can help people stay positive and strong about being employed without making them dependent on you!
  • Make retention a part of any vocational skills training that you or partners provide so people not only learn the skills to get jobs but to hold them!

For further information contact larry@larryrobbin.com. For more information about Larry Robbin go to www.LarryRobbin.com.

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$30.00 1-9 participants

$27.00 10-24 participants

$24.00 25-49 participants

$21.00 50-100 participants

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