Applying Hospitality to Workforce

April 22, 2024 @ 3:00 pm - 4:30 pm

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About Session

This session aims to enlighten and inspire professionals involved in hospitality workforce development models. We will delve into the integration of workforce development programs that support hospitality career pathways, and we will be emphasizing the versatility and transferability of hospitality knowledge, skills, and abilities across various positions, industries, and sectors. A key focus will be on the National Restaurant Association and its Educational Foundation’s initiatives in creating stackable, industry-recognized credentials that support a clear and illuminated career pathway in hospitality from job readiness to professional and managerial certifications.

Key Learning Objectives:

  1. Understanding the Hospitality Industry Landscape: Gain a comprehensive view of the current trends and future directions in the hospitality industry, highlighting the importance of adaptive workforce development strategies.
  2. Career Pathway Integration: Learn how to effectively integrate hospitality workforce development programs with career pathways, ensuring alignment with industry needs and workforce readiness.
  3. Transferability of Hospitality KSAs: Explore how hospitality skills are versatile and can be transferred across different positions, industries, and sectors, enhancing employability and career progression.
  4. Stackable Credentials and Their Impact: Understand the role and benefits of stackable, industry-recognized credentials developed by the National Restaurant Association and its Educational Foundation in creating clear career pathways.
  5. Collaborative Efforts and Networking: Discover the importance of collaboration between educators, employers, and industry associations in fostering a robust hospitality workforce.
  6. Innovative Training Techniques: Learn about cutting-edge training and education methodologies that enhance learning experiences and outcomes in hospitality training.
  7. Public Policy and Economic Perspectives: Gain insights into how public administration and public sector economics principles apply to and influence workforce development in the hospitality industry.


David Faro

David Faro

Hospitality Industry Workforce Development Partner
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