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Rendezvous for Workforce Professionals

October 21-23, 2019

Breakout Sessions

Learn the Tricks to Gain the Treats of a Person-Centered Approach

Toni DePeel

Pre-Employment Transition Coordinator

Vocational Rehabilitation

Tricks and Treats:  Join this active presentation and gain knowledge in person centered approaches.  Help your clients to give you the treats you need to have successful outcomes.  Be prepared to take your mask off and join in the fun.

Gain Knowledge in:

·      One Page Profiles

·      Person Centered Plans

·      Strengths Gifts and Capacities

Toni is a certified Global Career Development Facilitator and a veteran Youth Transition Specialist. She currently works as a Pre-ETS Coordinator for VR in the Portland Metro area.

Oregon CIS: The Future is Here

Mary Stayton

User Services Coordinator

Oregon Career Information System

This session showcases new Oregon CIS tools and design. The Oregon Certificate Sort allows you to search and filter thousands of certificate programs in Oregon to find the training that best fits your personal and professional needs. The new system design, including a Career Plan that allows schools to customize your programs, will be demonstrated. CIS is an Oregon consortium focused on provided unbiased and comprehensive information on careers, schools, and financial aid.

Mary Stayton is the User Services Coordinator for Oregon CIS. She spent four years as the Youth Transition Specialist at Creswell High School. She has spent most of her Career in education research focusing on education equality for disadvantaged youth. Mary is a fitness enthusiast who enjoys Olympic lifting and trail running.

Understanding SSA Benefits and Employment

Josh Goller

WIN Program Manager       

Understanding SSA Benefits and Employment, presented by the Work Incentives Network (WIN), focuses on benefits planning 101 and the basics of various work incentives programs. Attendees with learn about SSA and medical benefits basics, work incentives, common myths and facts, how benefits programs support employment and about asset-building programs and resources that are available.      

Josh Goller brings a passion for a person-centered approach to benefits planning services. Prior to his role as a WIN Program Manager, Josh spent seven years in the field as a Work Incentives Coordinator housed at a Center for Independent Living.       

How Eating Frogs Helps with Caseload Management

Kim Poage, MS, CRC

Clinical Coordinator | Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling

Chair | Oregon State Rehabilitation Council

Western Oregon University

The reality is that there is never enough time for everything on our "to do" list. In this session Kim Poage will use a humorous approach to look at what author Brian Tracy means in his book “Eat That Frog!”. Using Tracy’s tips, participants will learn first how to identify the most challenging tasks most likely to cause procrastination. Working on these tasks first allows for the potential to be freer from burnout & experience more pleasure in the work we do. Tips will be provided & case examples discussed in small groups.

Kim has a passion for empowering students, staff and individuals with disabilities or Deafness to find and succeed in their life’s work. She enjoys working collaboratively with others in the field to creatively problem solve and help restore a passion and joy in the important work of this field. Currently she is the Chair of the Oregon State Rehabilitation Council (SRC) and lives in Salem with her husband and growing daughters. For self-care she enjoys quilting, reading, aqua aerobics, and the thrill of a good thrift store find. 

Personality and Communication Styles

Diane Ashley

Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor

Oregon Department of Human Services

This workshop uses the DiSC profile assessment to help people better understand behavioral differences, thereby increasing self-knowledge.  The tool offers information on why we respond to conflict the way they do, what motivates us, what can cause or increase stress based on our specific personality traits and explain problem-solving styles.  Knowing this helps with better communication, both personally and professionally.

Diane holds a master’s degree in professional counseling and has 20+ years’ experience in this field.  Currently, she works as a Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor.  In 2012, Diane became the published author of “How to Help Someone Who is Grieving”.  Written from her personal life experience, the book was eventually used by a Nevada police department as a training manual to help officers in sudden grief situations.  In 2005, Diane trained to administer the DISC tool.  With over 15 years’ experience in public speaking, she has successfully used this tool to positively impact communication with businesses, individuals, and small groups.  It is her belief that self-knowledge helps support good communication.

State Library of Oregon: Resources, Resources, Resources!

Amy Coughenour

Electronic Resources Librarian

State Library of Oregon

This session will provide an overview and demonstration of resources provided by the State Library of Oregon that support training and professional development, with a particular emphasis on self-guided options. The first part will focus on resources available to all Oregonians, such as test prep solutions, software training, and related databases. These resources will be helpful for clients, non-state employees, and state employees. The second part will focus on resources that are limited to state employees for access. Attendees will gain new tools to add to their collection of training materials and share with clients.

Amy Coughenour has worked in libraries for over 10 years in areas including reference, instruction, distance education, scholarly communication, and electronic resources management. After starting in academic libraries, she now supports state employees as a member of the Government Information and Library Services division of the State Library of Oregon..   

Oregon’s Economy and Workforce - The Past, the Present and the Future

Bob Uhlenkott     


Oregon Employment Department - Research Division   

Bob will share a host of economic and social metrics on Oregon’s workforce and economy. He will discuss how it has matured over the last several decades, how it is currently performing today, and what the future might hold in the short and long-term.

Mr. Uhlenkott is the Research Director for the Oregon Employment Department. Previously he held that post in Idaho for 17 years. Prior to that he lead research teams in criminal justice and at the US Department of Energy.

Preferred Worker Program – How Can We Help?

Brian Nease

Worksite Modification Consultant

State of Oregon Workers Compensation Division

Preferred Workers have some measure of work restrictions due to a disability resulting from a compensable on the job injury in Oregon. Learn how to identify Preferred Workers among your current and potential clients. Explore the Return to Work benefits available to these workers and how to incorporate them into their employment plans. Discussion of recent worksite modifications and how the Preferred Worker Program has assisted these workers to successfully return to work.

Brian Nease is a Worksite Modification Consultant for the State of Oregon Workers’ Compensation Division. Through the Preferred Worker Program, he provides Return to Work consultation, application, and training to insurers, injured workers, employers, and other stakeholders throughout the state of Oregon. He is a technical advisor for Department of Labor’s Stay at Work/Return to Work Models and Strategies Group, Retaining Employment and Talent After Injury/Illness Network(RETAIN), and is a member of the International Association of Industrial Accident Board’s Disability Management Return to Work Committee. Prior to his work within the Preferred Worker Program, Brian spent the previous 8 years providing workforce development for employers and vulnerable populations within Clackamas County, Oregon.

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