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Do you know a Workforce Professional who goes the extra mile when tackling a job, day in and day out? Or someone who handles the most difficult tasks with grace and ease? What about that rare jewel of a colleague that you can call on whenever you’re in need of information or a helping hand? How often do we offer thanks, appreciation, and public recognition to these inspiring work models?

OregonETA members can honor the efforts of a dedicated workforce professional by nominating them for an OregonETA “All-Star Team” award. The organization annually recognizes up to twelve outstanding individuals around the State who show exceptional dedication to work and make significant contributions to their workforce team. Awards are announced at the evening Awards Banquet held at the Rendezvous for Workforce Development Professionals. 

OregonETA is currently taking nominations for this year's All-Star team. Deadline: September 30th. 
Email the following to mail@oregoneta.org

Name, Title, Organization (of both you and the nominee), and in 100 words or less, describe why this person deserves to be an OregonETA All-Star.

2017 All-Stars

(from right to left)

 Susan Collins  Sue Winner  Maureen Thompson  MaiVan Rada

She exemplifies the definition “quality human being”. Words that describe her are:

Compassionate, adventurous, creative problem-solver, and collaborator.

Not only does she volunteer numerous hours to improve her ‘community’ but she is also a Champion for supporting and enhancing the lives of young people beginning in early childhood extending through out adulthood.

A person who rejects the notion that “a solution isn’t possible". Her personal and professional mantra is

“How do we get to ‘Yes’?”

This mantra has been instrumental in helping young people at risk and disadvantage gain experiences and opportunities that have transitioned them into successful employees and futures. For these reasons and many more…

Susan Collins is overwhelmingly deserving of being considered an ” All-Star”!

Youth Transition Program started in Oregon in 1990 with VR Support. Today we serve over 185 Schools in Oregon for student with disabilities.

This All Star took over for a seasoned YTP Specialist stepping into very large shoes!! VR Counselors are often noted to be as good as their YTP Specialist.

This All Star sometimes walks the fine line of working with a school district, special education teachers, families and VR. An advocate for youth they are sometimes the first one to alert the VR Counselor of issues happening within the family or that youth that could impact their employability.

Compassionate, caring, willing to go the extra mile for their students describes this All Star. This All Star goes to Sue Winner, YTP Specialist at Canby High School

Nominated by Teresa Findley

This All-Star has a few years of Workforce in her background-her spirit of giving was generated as a little girl and continues to this day.

She tells some fabulous stories of how it all began, when Workforce was the wild west, of the good and bad times, and of the feast or famine Workforce world we all know (and love). Somehow she survived all of those twists and turns and never quit looking for the next way forward…

She would say “well, somebody’s got to do it!” And she is right.

Her twists are not only Workforce related; I have watched the strongest woman I know, full on slayed personal demon after personal demon…in grace and style.

I imagine that she’s had many fans along the way but I also imagine she would never notice as she is too busy looking for the next way to help someone else…Whether she knows it or not, her footsteps will be impossible to fill yet I believe many will keep trying...including me.

Oh, those few years in Workforce are somewhere near 40 now. This All-Star has earned her place in our world, she has done her duty, has left her mark.

This All-Star is my mentor and my friend…

Nominated by Dee LeBaron

You would want this All Star in your office not only for their incredible IT skills but also their team support, organizational skills and leadership!!

Encouraging, Supportive, Compassionate, Humble and Understanding are some of their attributes. This All Star keeps the office running and lessens the stress with clear, sufficient directions sometimes given humorously.

They love decorating…and our counselor assistants were treated to “Tea in Paris” which included an Eiffel Tower as a centerpiece, china tea cups, cloth napkins and croissants.

This All Star goes to MaiVan Rada-Clackamas VR

Nominated by Nateesh Noakes and Teresa Findley


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